More Than Doubles Your Money To Infinity Fast . .

More Than Doubles Your Money To Infinity Fast . .

The 2x2 Industry has just made a MILLION DOLLAR PARADIGM SHIFT.  Our members are experiencing a Staggering Cash windfall in record time.

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The Scoop

A few years back we Introduced 4x1Fortune and Today, you see a lot of copycats . . Why? 2x2 Structures Set Up a Certain Way, Can Definitely Make You A Lot of Money . .

We didn't make Millionaires But, we Did have Members Make $10k, $30k, $60k, and even well over $100,000! In a Very Short Period of Time . .

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Double Down on your cycle earnings to Infinite Proportions!


Earn a matching bonus of $10 - $20 when your referrals cycle - These amounts Double as they cycle more and more - Over and Over Again.


Receive whopping $40 then $80 when you cycle through each matrix. (Then, watch these amounts DOUBLE FOR FREE, to repeat the process!)


You'll receive THREE complimentary positions in the Gold 2x2 Matrix when you cycle the Platimum 2x2 Matrix!


The money doesn't stop there. . When those THREE FREE Positions cycle - They will Double the Number of New FREE Positions! (Yes, the Matching Bonuses even Double!)

This Doubling Feature not only STOPS the system from stalling - It speeds it up to Exponential Proportions!

Here's the Double Down 2x2 Process:

Matrix 1 is a 2x2 Feeder matrix that is just $9 to join - when completed, it places you into The Gold 2x2 Matrix. We give you 1,000 banner and Text Ad views for the Feeder Program (designed to allow anyone to participate, even if low on cash). See below . .

Special Note: You can Go for the Gold right out of the Gate and bypass the Feeder 2x2 Matrix

The Gold 2x2 Matrix System gives you 25,000 Text Ad views and 25,000 Banner views on entry and $40 per cycle Cash to the your account, and $10 matching bonus to your referrer. You also receive $50 (used to purchase you a position in The Platinum Matrix).

When you cycle The Platinum 2x2 Matrix, you receive $80 paid directly to your account, and $20 in a matching bonus is paid to your sponsor. Then, the really exciting Double Down Process gives you THREE New positions in the Gold 2x2 Matrix where your money literally Doubles to infinity.

Special Note: the video is combining both your bonuses and the referrer's bonus - doubling. For simplicity, we've taken referrer bonuses out below - The reality is, your referrer's bonus could be STAGGERING as you are not limited in any way on how many you refer (these bonuses double as well).

Every time those 2 matrices are completed, you receive 25,000 text ad views, 25,000 banner views AND Three free re-entries back into The Gold 2x2 Matrix again, valued at $90 each time.

Obviously, You're Getting Excited About The DOUBLE DOWN System

Get Started at the Gold 2x2 Level now - Just $29.95!

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